Import podkicker downloads?

I’m hoping to migrate from podkicker to antennapod, but I have a lot of downloaded podcast episodes I’d like to bring over, including many of which are old and no longer show up in the podcast’s episode list. Is there any way I can import the downloads? FWIW I’m rooted and can write scripts to process the downloaded episodes if that would help somehow.

Basically, I guess what I’m asking is if there is some “formula” of tags, filenames, directory structures, etc that would get antennapod to recognize them and link them to a podcast, or if they can’t be linked to a real podcast, I’d settle for bringing them in as sort of a pseudo-podcast as a way for me to access the old downloads.

If the podcast doesn’t exist anymore I think the best way would be with using local folders and adding them to AntennaPod.

It will show the same as if it was a podcast. For podcast main image I think there is a way to add one in your folder to be used as a cover but I don’t know how to.
There is another thread not too old on this forum where somebody asked for that and it was possible. Found it :

Thanks! That should help partially. The podcast does exist, but if the old ones that no longer show up in the feed would best be pulled in as a local folder, I don’t mind that.

What about all the downloads that do show up in the feed? Is there a way to link those files to the podcast in antennapod such that antennapod recognizes them as already downloaded?

No, there is no way to do that because the file naming schemes are different between Podkicker and AntennaPod.

And there’s no way I could script something to rename/structure them properly for antennapod?

No, this also needs to be in AntennaPod’s database, in AntennaPod’s private folders, etc.

Okay. Bummer, but thank you.

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