Improving the update process for source strings

Hi! When logging into Weblate after a long time, I noticed that strings where the source has been updated do not have the source change (a diff on the text, essentially) displayed in a separate field.

That means translators need to look very closely at the already translated source strings to detect differences. As a consequence, given that many strings are fairly long, changes can be easily overlooked.

I attach a screenshot from another project showing this feature in action.

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Hmm, that might be related to how we have set up the translations because the “message id” for us is the actual text. So a changed text causes the id to change as well. Maybe weblate then can’t handle that

Hmm. Is there any way we could change that, for the screenshot texts? I imagine it’s not possible for the long description and the website texts, because we don’t have an actual identifier per string.

Maybe Weblate could in those cases rely on git diff (?) Worth checking with them I guess.

For the screenshots we already have a per-string identifier, I added them in json format

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