In the media (press coverage)

I was listening a podcast and just heard AntennaPod being mentioned. Just after the release of version 2 we kept track of the media coverage, but AntennaPod doesn’t stop being covered or mentioned, of course :slight_smile: So I figured I might start a new thread to keep.

So, did you see or hear AntennaPod being mentioned anywhere in a public message longer than a tweet or toot? Then share it below! All languages are welcome :slight_smile:

Let me start with the first one:

Podcasting 2.0: Episode 37: What’s Up Doc? [00:26:16]

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This search be relevance or date has some good mentions Antennapod in podcasts | Listen Notes

There some mentions which is just to use AntennaPod to subscribe as part of their promo

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Recommended here Podcast-Apps – Lage der Nation

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10/05/2021: Listed as one of the top open source Android apps:

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25/06/2021: Covered and mentioned as ‘Testsieger’ by the YouTube channel Mobilsicher

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There is an article on AndroidPolice about their favorite open source apps :
AntennaPod made it in their list. :smiley:


Thanks @Matth78! I’ve posted about it on Twitter and Mastodon :slight_smile:

BTW that article was published on the 19th, and that day and after we saw a small peak in users checking out the app in the Play store and installing it:

The bigger numbers that you see are for ‘the past 3 months’ and the percentages compared to the 3 months before. ‘Store listing acquisitions’ is:

The number of users who visited your store listing and installed your app, who didn’t have it installed on any other devices at the time


Here’s a round-up of the (press) coverage of AntennaPod 3.0:


Section about poscasts apps start at 8 minutes and 30 seconds.

Thanks @ERYpTION! I shared it on our Twitter & Mastodon.