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Hi! New user, arriving due to the impending shutdown of Google Podcasts. How have I overlooked AntennaPod for this long? This app is great. I especially love the automatic sleep mode for late night listening and the fade out when the sleep timer kicks in. Those are both such nice touches, I was sold immediately.

What I’d like to see is some integration between the Inbox and Queue screens. For example, my preferred start screen is my Queue, but then I know I’ll always be clicking over to the Inbox to see if new episodes have arrived.

App version: 3.1.1 Google Play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

I’d like an easier way to see both my Queue and Inbox when starting the app.

Suggested solution:

  • Queue: add an indicator somewhere which shows when there are episodes in the Inbox. Like a badge with a number in the title bar or any other thing that lights up to indicate I have new episodes and I can touch that to jump to the Inbox screen.

  • Inbox: Likewise, a single touch in the title bar that will take me back to the queue. And if the Inbox is empty probably a bigger “Go to queue” button along with the existing placeholder content.

So my typical usage would be:

  • launch the app to the Queue page
  • see the indicator of new episodes, quickly jump over to my inbox
  • swipe all the new episodes to the right places
  • click back to the queue and start listening

You don’t want new (downloaded) episodes automatically added to the queue? That’s one of the things Google Podcasts was missing, at least when I was using it.

Sounds like maybe not since you mention swiping new episodes to the right places but I listen to few enough podcasts I just have all new episodes auto-added to the back of the queue and use the Queue page for everything.

Every once in a while I may move an episode to a different position in the queue but otherwise I just listen to them in chronological order based on when they are released.

With some podcasts I listen to every episode, and others I pick & choose which episodes I’m interested in (e.g. ones that publish daily which I don’t necessarily try to keep up with).

So I love the concept of the inbox where I can review the incoming stuff and then either add it to queue or toss it out.

The home screen does that. You can see both inbox and queue on one screen, swipe the inbox episodes, and start playing the queue. Your use-case is basically exactly how I use the app, and for me the home screen does what I need.

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It’s not implemented and there is no ETA but there is plan about having bottom navigation. It would make switching between screens quicker.
Hope counters from sidebar would be showing on corresponding items for bottom navigation. Especially for inbox.

I am the same as you but even though I think homescreen is nice it is too limited for me. For one you can’t switch horizontal list to vertical and for second you can’t set number of items to show.

Maybe turning on for your favorites podcasts episodes notification could alleviate the need to go to inbox (edited : not queue). That’s what I do.


It’s not implemented and there is no ETA but there is plan about having bottom navigation . It would make switching between screens quicker.

Thanks! Yes, I think the bottom nav mocks proposed in that issue would accomplish what I’m after.

Regarding @ByteHamster’s suggestion to use the Home screen – I will probably use that approach but I much prefer the detailed list view on the on the Queue page to the scrolling icons of the Continue Listening section, so that’s why I’d prefer to interact with the Queue/Inbox screens instead.

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