Include the Podcast name in the download error message

App version: 2.6.1 F-Droid
Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Some podcasts cause errors and they just give you the url in the message.
If that is a generic platform that hosts multiple podcasts with just random alphanumerical strings, this is not useful to match them

Suggested solution:
Within AP a podcast has a name, which the user can change if she likes to.
Print this name alongside the url that failed.

At least on my device, running AntennaPod 2.6, it already does that. Does it not show titles for all errors or just some?

Hi @ghast,

What do you mean with ‘the message’? Are you referring to the (Android) notification, the entry in the downloads log, or the details pop-up when tapping on a log entry? (For me, too, the first two do display the podcast name.)

I think OP means the name of the feed, not the title of the episode.

With ‘podcast name’ I refer to the name of the feed, so we were talking about the same thing :slight_smile: Episode is indeed different from the Podcast, and the Episode title is not shown.

Pardon, I misread and thought this was about feed updates, not download errors for episodes. Sorry for any additional confusion I caused.

This message is only partially useful.
It names the url , but not the Podcasts Name.
Yes the whole redirect chain is a bit messy for all ard audiothek links but that is not what i came here to talk about

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