Increase information density (full title, possible description excerpt) in the episode lists on Inbox (optionally various other screens)

App version: 3.2.0 (58081fe5b) ( Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
when reviewing my inbox, or any other screen that shows list of episodes, the title of the episode is often too short to have a clear view of the subject, IMHO. A longer title would be quite helpful.

Suggested solution:
Add an option to choose font size for lists of episodes, and show longer titles with smaller font size

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:


I think we should rather decrease information density, AntennaPod feels kind of cluttered with all the things it displays at once.

Let’s make it configurable, then.
Because with the way I use the inbox, I lack information from the title to decide whether I should swipe to remove from the inbox or swipe to add to the playlist without needing to display the whole details of each episode. And keep the inbox neat and empty! :blush:

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Yes, please show more of episode title & description in portrait mode, similar to Google Podcast.


a compromise could be that if you long press the episode we can show the entire title?

Currently I can see 7 episodes per scroll of my screen. Fewer episodes per screen (3?) if more lines of the description could get displayed. Scrolling through 20 episodes is easier than a long pause on 20 episodes.

Alternately, possibly format Inbox view differently than Episodes?

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This would be my preferred option.