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I’m currently working on the Indonesian translations for the app on Transifex. I have completed translating it, and but they all require reviews. I have a few questions: how do the translations go through? How do reviews work? I’m still new to these kinds of things, so please bear with me, thank you!

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Hello @awmpawl,

Once you have translated the app, the translations go through a review process where fellow community members are asked to make necessary changes to your translations. They can do it either by directly making the changes in Transifex or by informing you or one of the AntennaPod Team Members about it. Forum is used for communications most of the time. Once it’s done, the translations are manually uploaded to GitHub by the AntennaPod Team and are made available in the next update of the app.

The Review feature of Transifex is not used by the AntennaPod team. If there is a translation you want to change and it is marked as reviewed in Transifex, then you can either contact the current language reviewer about it or ask the AntennaPod Team to make you a reviewer.

@femmdi, our translation coordinator, will assist you in the whole process of updating your translation.

Thank You


To give some more details: We add all translations to the app, reviewed or not. We mainly use the review feature to “lock” edit wars. Some translators use the review feature a bit more, but you don’t need to use it :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you for the reply, and thanks for the thorough explanation!

So reviews aren’t exactly used that often, provided that they only act as ‘locks’ to the existing and agreed translations, understood. Oh, and it may seem that the Indonesian translator hasn’t had yet a reviewer, could I become one? Thanks for the information!


I see, thanks for providing the additional details!

Tagging @femmdi, She/He/They will help you :slight_smile:

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Hi @awmpawl - I sent you an invitation on Transifex to become a reviewer for Indonesian language. Thanks a lot for your support!

Hello too! Thank you!

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