Interested in working on automated testing

@ByteHamster I am interested in working on the automation side. Please advise on the steps to take.

What automation are you thinking of? :thinking:

I am thinking of working with on Espresso or whatever automation tool you are using.

@ByteHamster I believe when I asked before that Espresso is being used but I would like to assist with that

We are mainly using Robolectric because they are much faster than Espresso and they run without a full Emulator. Usually, the tests are written by the contributors who implement specific features. Do you have specific areas of the app in mind? One thing that comes to my mind would be that the Espresso tests take quite a long time – about 15-30 minutes for every PR. Maybe it would be possible to migrate some of them to Robolectric? I don’t really have an overview about which ones could be candidates, though, to be honest.

I do not have a specific area of the app in mind to run tests. I guess for me, I just wanted to help run tests using Roboelectric and how can I get started. Is there any documentation about this?

Hi @TDevelopbit,

I don’t think we have any documentation. All we have in terms of development documentation is on GitHub in the Wiki: Home · AntennaPod/AntennaPod Wiki · GitHub As you can see there, nothing to read (yet) about tests/automation. (Maybe that’s something where contribution would be helpful also?)

As for the tests that could be changed from Espresso to Robolectric, maybe we could start with mapping what tests we currently have? We don’t know by heart which parts of the app have tests, and which method they use. That would probably be rather helpful. Then we can see from there what to focus on; what to change. Would you be OK with starting with this?

(There seem to be quite a few tests in the core folder, which should probably in a sub-folder of the thing they’re actually testing.)

Another thing that came to mind, which you might potentially be able to support with, is automatic creation of screenshots in all app language versions. More info: Improve & automate (creation of) screenshots for store listings · Issue #4044 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

CC: @ByteHamster

This works for me. I can start taking a look.


This PR is stuck because of testing issues, if you like, have a look :slight_smile:

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