International Translation Day


Hello everyone,

Today, September 30th, is UN International Translation Day.

We’d like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU all for your continued help and support in translating AntennaPod into different languages to make it accessible to as many users around the world as possible. Knowing more than one language is already an achievement in itself, and being able to translate content accurately and precisely is another. We really appreciate your support and we wish you a very happy International Translation Day!

We’d like to take this occasion to invite you to a special edition of our monthly community call. Normally we discuss anything related to AntennaPod, but this time round we want to focus on translators (that’s you!) and translations. It’ll be a great opportunity to meet the people behind AntennaPod (and for us to meet you!), ask us anything about Weblate, Transifex and localisation, or share your feedback & feature requests for the app.

It will take place on Saturday, October 14th, at 6:00 PM (18:00) CEST. You can join us on wrong URL Jitsi Meet. Want to get a reminder? Then go to Monthly community meeting ☎ 🎙 – AntennaPod and tap on ‘Add to calendar’!

Thanks for all your help, we really appreciate it! We hope to see you in two weeks!


sorry i missed it
opening meet link (15 minutes later) I got information, that certificate has problem
and opening it anyway (can’t not reproducible not because of stronger limits in office) it said domain is for sale

Indeed, there’s a mistake in the URL above - sorry for that! The link should have been to, not .com. Maybe you want to join the next call on November 11th? You can follow announcements in the monthly community call thread and join from the community meeting page.

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