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Are there any devs or users interested in building or having an iOS version of AntennaPod? I’ve been looking for an interesting project, and I have other iOS developers who might be able to jump in and help. It wasn’t on the list of contributions, but I figured it was worth asking about.

Hi @nlabhart
Welcome to the AntennaPod community! While I think so far the folks in our community are really focused on Android, there have been quite a few requests from people for an iOS version of AntennaPod. Personally I think it’d be great if you’re able to bring along some iOS developers who would be willing to work on this. But getting feature parity is a major task and would also require maintenance. So I’m not sure how the other active contributors would feel about it.


Makes sense, I was just curious. I think it would be a fun project.

Creating a great podcast player for iOS definitely seems like a worthwhile project! Please keep us updated on the progress, and feel free to keep a fruitful conversation going.

I’ll post this thread for reference:

A question is whether you really wish to build a feature identical iOS app, or rather use the good ideas and avoid remaking the same mistakes? As can be read in the linked thread, AntennaPod is quite android specific in it’s technology choices and any attempt at porting to another platform would practically be a rewrite. Unless reaching complete feature parity, users might find it unexpected to find two seemingly unrelated apps sharing the same name.

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