Is Gemini support possible?

App version: 2.2.0-beta3 from F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Some way to support gemini baseds podcasts. such as this one:


You need to have a gemini client to access its capsules (equivalent to websites)

Suggested solution:
Gemini based podcasts could have some tag or standard name for descriptions and such. Since I assume its not Antennapod’s work to detect that automatically.

Once that’s done, there should be a way to fetch that information as well as the audio files *.ogg or whatever file they choose.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
I am not a very technical person but I am aware of the existence of proxys to access gemini sites, so maybe that could be a way to make this easier.

I know that this might be not worth it and there might not be a lot of gemini-only podcasts, but it would be pretty epic if Antennapod is basically the only podcast app that can do so.

Gemini is an internet protocol alternative to http and you can learn more about it here

Edit: Gemini provides a way to subscribe to capsules, maybe it helps too: Subscribing to Gemini pages

Following a conversation with some of the key community members, it seems that there’s little interest in integrating wider-used podcast features/tags into Gemini:

We should fully respect that of course, but it does indicate that any implementation work (code) would need to come from a Gemini enthousiast, rather than from anyone from the general AntennaPod community.