Is it possible to set the background colour of the long-press menu?

Vsn 3.1.2 arrived recently on my phone and I like it, but I’m really not liking the background colour of the long-press menu. On my phone it’s a very light blue, and with middle-aged eyes when I don’t have my glasses on anything other than black on white is very much harder to see. I’ve managed to get rid of the light blue for the selection in the top left-hand menu, but I can’t find anywhere to get the long-press menu’s background back to white.

If this isn’t currently available, can it please be added to a soon upcoming version? I can’t be the only one with such an issue! Thank you! :grinning:

@SkiAddict1, I also have middle age eyes :grinning:

Could you take a screenshot of what the color looks like for the long pressed menu so we can have a look?

Thanks @tonytamsf, here it is:

Also, since I first posted, I’ve noticed that the light blue is in other places too in AntennaPod. It’s in the top right-hand menu, it’s in the confirmation dialog boxes (e.g. “Remove all from inbox”), I think there might be others but can’t remember offhand right now.

I think it is “matching” the colours of the current wallpaper.

In settings, see if turning off “Dynamic colors” in the “User interface” section fixes this for you.

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Ah. Yes. I see that too. I had “Dynamic colors” turned on. I turned it off, switched to the light theme and not also see the light blue background. Ignore my previous post.

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Thanks, @mpardo – have done that:

…rebooted the phone, and no change!

Also, it can’t be the system wallpaper, because my home screen’s background is solid black and this background colour isn’t in any of my other apps. It’s clearly AntennaPod, and version 3.1.2 (or a recent prior to that).

Yes. I was mistaken. I confess, it happens very often.

:grinning: I appreciate any attempts at helping me with this! It’s really making a negative difference to my life.

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