Is it possible to use non breaking space in translation?


A quick question after an user made suggestions about translations. He suggested to replace space with non breaking line space. (I don’t know the correct word?)

Is it ok to do that or would it render incorrectly in AntennaPod? And if it is ok what’s the correct way to do it :

  • simply use a non breaking space
  • or some code BBC/html or whatever code?

Does somebody knows and can confirm? I want to be sure it won’t break anything before modifying.

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I didn’t try but Transifex has a special character for adding non-breaking space… it’s called “NBSP” and you can add it from the “add special character” button.

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Where do they want to add it? Depending on where it is used, this could lead to weird line breaks or problems on small screens

Everywhere there shouldn’t be a line return :

  • before exclamations or questions marks (in French you add a space before)
  • and before colon

They are right and these spaces should be non breaking. Yet I think there is little chance a line return could happen. (But it could for long strings)
Giving your reaction it’s probably better to be safe and avoid it.

I wasn’t sure if they tried to make the line breaks look nicer (something like avoiding that one word is being pushed to the next line by “glueing” the words together. I sometimes do that when writing papers). That would probably backfire with different screen sizes. So I would avoid such hacks.

For the French punctation, it seems like a good idea to use non-breaking spaces :+1:


Ok then will do as soon as I can! Thanks!

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