Is synchronization working reliable by now?


it’s been a while since I last used AP, and I dumped it, because synchronization did not work reliable, and most of the times it did not work at all.

What about now? Has synching been improved? Does it work reliable now?

I really would like to use AP again, because it includes features I am missing with in apps, but synching is the most important feature for me. If that does not work reliable, I’d rather live without the other features I am missing.

We have removed the default (unreliable) server from the app. You now need your own server (gpodder, nextcloud, etc) to synchronize. If you have a server that is reliable, then synchronization is reliable.

Sounds good.

Keeping one’s own data in a private place sounds even better!

I’ll see if I can find any clues and instructions how to set up a server. If you can provide some useful links, I’d be very thankful!

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