Is there a way to download podcasts from within antennapod without subscribing?

With the podcast app I currently use (stitcher) I typically download an episode or two of a podcast before I subscribe, so that I can try it out.

on antennapod, when I seach for a podcast, I come to a list of episodes, but couldn’t find a way to click into them or download them without first subscribing to that podcast.

is there another approach I’m missing?

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Just before adding a podcast you can tap an episode to expand it then you will be able to stream it without subscribing. You can’t download it and add it to the queue.

FYI you can follow this issue :


Ok, I see it now. I missed that button. Thanks for the response and the link to the issue, I see it may or may not be worked on.

Unfortunately it’s not very useful to me as I mostly listen to podcasts handsfree later after queueing them, and sometimes without reliable internet access. I suppose it’s possible to work around this by temporarily subscribing to the podcast and then removing it later, but I don’t think this will play well with auto download, since I won’t want to automatically download new episodes of these podcasts.

I hope this feature will be considered worth adding! I’ll try to remember to check it back again in a few months or so. The app looks very clean and functional otherwise.

For auto download you can disable it for a specific podcast. You need to go to podcast screen and in it’s settings to turn off auto download. You can even disable updating feeds.

It’s not perfect but at least it wouldn’t auto download new episodes.

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yeah, I suppose that would function as a workaround.