Is there a way to quickly jump to start/end of queue?

App version: 3.0.2 from Google Play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I’ve got about 2000 episodes queued up but sometimes would like to grab items from further down the queue to listen to sooner.

Scrolling to the bottom of the list takes ages, and then once I’ve moved a few to the top I have to thumb my way back up again.

Suggested solution:
Is there already a way - and if not, could there be? - a button or something to jump to the bottom/top of the queue?

You can jump to the top by long-pressing the top bar. Note that AntennaPod was designed for 100-200 items in the queue - not thousands. Consider cleaning up episodes in your queue that you won’t listen to realistically in the near future

That’s a disappointing answer - I didn’t expect to be told “you’re using it wrong”. It’s been working very well for me for probs 2 years or more, and I thought this might be a simple request.

Glad to hear about the jump-to-top option, anyway.

Sounds like you are trying to use the Queue as a Heap. Personally I only queue up a handful of episodes at time for the next listening session such as going for a walk. I use tags to help organise my podcasts.

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I don’t read that as being told you are using it wrong per se, just not for how it was designed. Doesn’t prevent you from continuing to use it exactly has you have been for your needs. And your root question got a positive response didn’t it since there is already a solution?

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OK, so the way I’ve always used it is when I sign up to a new podcast any back episodes I want to listen to I add to my queue. And then anything that comes into my inbox, similarly. And then the content I’ve decided is interesting is all queued up for me to listen to.

I’m delighted to learn there’s a Jump To Start shortcut - all I was asking was whether it would be possible to add a Jump to End one as well.

If the tool is designed to only have a short queue I don’t really get why a Jump to Start option was included, but whatevs - the fact that it has one comes as a welcome bit of news.

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