Jump to the current episode when opening podcast from the player menu

2.7.1 Google Play

When opening the podcast page from the player make it jump to the current episode.
(at least as an option ;))

With podcasts that contain hundreds of episodes it is quite annoying to have to scroll all day. It would be very convenient to have the app jump to the current episode from which you opened the podcast page. The search is not helpful here as it filters out all other episodes. The goal here is only to jump to the current episode’s position.

With the player open → player menu (three dot menu) → open podcast (in german it’s “Podcast öffnen”, it is the first entry). It just opens the page with your chosen sorting applied but there is no option to jump to the current episode you’re listening to.

Cheers! And btw, thx for this awesome podcatcher! :partying_face: