Keep an amount of downloaded episodes when Auto-Delete is enabled

App version: 2.7.1 F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I would like a certain amount of episodes to be kept when Auto-Delete is enabled.
I like to listen to some podcasts while sleeping, when they are a little short I add many to the queue, and I usually download them.

The problem is, I have auto-delete set, and sometimes I listen to an episode again since I was already sleeping and missed it. When I am on a rush I forget to re-download them again, then I am stuck with no episodes to listen while offline.

Suggested solution:
I would like to, keep a certain amount of non-favorited downloaded episodes, maybe in a per podcast setting, or a global one for simplicity’s sake.

So this way I can keep a few of my downloaded episodes around!

Also, maybe the sleep timer feature can fully close the app instead? My earphone have physical buttons, this means that when I move at night I may end up pressing the play button again, rendering the sleep timer useless and playing audio all night long. Thanks!

Episode Cleanup should do basically that. When Auto-Download starts, it removes old episodes. You can specify how many episodes should be kept.

I see, I can enable auto delete globally, disable it in the specific podcast and let episode clean up handle the rest.

I don’t think it’s exactly ideal for my specific usecase but it does the job. Thanks!

I would then like to have a per podcast episode cache tho, since sometimes I have auto download of daily podcasts where I don’t actually listen to them daily but when I do it’s great, but they take over some other podcasts I would like to have too but are not as consistent with their uploads.