Limit subscriptions list for frequent podcastas

Would it be possible to set a limit for the number of episodes per podcast showing up in the subscription feed?

I listen to the BBC News and they release an update every hour. This of course crowds the subscription screen so I was hoping to only list the latest one(s).

Sorry if I’ve missed a setting somewhere.


Yes,that would be great. I came here because of the exact same question.Only want the last (newest) as filter. To have the last 5 or so would be even nicer

Hi @dimitriss and @Antennier, welcome to our forum!

Do you perhaps mean the a Podcast’s screen? The ‘Subscriptions’ screen only displays each podcast once, and isn’t affected by the number of episodes for each podcast.

If you’re talking indeed about a specific podcast’s screen, why does it matter that all episodes are listed? They’re sorted Newest to Oldest by default. So you can simply ‘not scroll down’, no?

(Side note: there’s also a request to only download or keep in the queue the most recent x episodes. But that seems slightly different from what you’re asking here.)

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m referring to the “Inbox” where I can see all the available podcasts from my subscriptions. This is my go-to screen so I can choose what to listen to on my commute.

Thanks again for considering the feature.

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