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I’m using AntennaPod for some months and I really love it. I don’t know, how I didn’t find it before.
Will authors add a feature for listening to radio stations in the future? At the moment, the app is just a podcast app, but there are also other apps that have it. I’m sure that many users would use that feature.

Otherwise, I have just a few things which bother me:

  1. Slow checking if new episodes are available. Castbox, which I used before, was much faster.
  2. There is no rewind option when using AntennaPod on Android Auto (Issue #5481 on Github).
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Quite a few radio stations offer podcasts too and in both cases the question is where to get the proper info?

Thanks for chipping in on our forum, @kacnje.

While I understand the request I don’t think this will ever be implemented. Internet radio is quite different from RSS feeds and would thus require quite a bit of work both on the user interface design of the app as well as code implementation. Given the efforts that would be involved, this being a project run by volunteers, and the goal of the project (a podcast app), I’m afraid that support for this won’t be implemented.

I’m thinking that this may be possible because they have a central database with lots of information about each podcast, which helps them get information more efficiently. AntennaPod, working locally from your phone, every time has to check the servers of each of the podcasts you’re subscribed to. That indeed can take a while. (On our website we have more information about the effects of AntennaPod working locally.)

As it is tracked on our development platform already, there’s not much I can say. We’ll have to wait until someone implements it :slight_smile:

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@keunes, thank you for your time. I fully understand (or agree) all three answers.

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