Local Folders - File Deletion

Presently, it is not possible via the app to manually delete a file (ie an episode) from a Local Folder. The option of Auto Delete is also unavailable. Deletions must be done manually via a file manager on the phone.

I suggest that Auto Delete for Local Folders be enabled as they are with podcasts, with the ability to override the global default. One should also be able to delete individual files.

Priority: Nice-to-Have


Further observation: Although physically deleted, the files that were in the Local Folder are still listed under the subscription, with the indicator button to download. This is misleading in the case of Local Folder, although of course beneficial with a podcast. This should be cleaned up when a file is deleted.

Priority: Nice-to-Have (Cosmetic)

Another related observation: Once a file is played one cannot via earphones (bluetooth) have the next one play by hitting play/pause, like one can with podcasts, and the played file is not marked as having been played.

CORRECTION to the above “Further Observation”: Once I re-installed AntennaPod, it no longer occurs, that is it acts as expected - the file is no longer listed for downloading after it has been physically removed.

I re-installed after deleting all files in android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod (both internal & SD) in order to “clean-up” the previous installation, with which in testing I had switched the storage a few times back and forth between Internal Memory and SD Card. My guess is that with the switching the database pointers were corrupted, even though the location of the local folder on the SD Card did not change.

I recommend that the setting for storage, if it is to be changed to SD Card, be done prior to loading any subscriptions, and if it is to be changed, it be done only if the software is re-installed and all data deleted.

1 year later… I agree with you.

I’ve added a local folder but I can’t automatically delete the files. The local folders should follow the same logic of any other podcast so the files should be deleted if the app is set to delete the files after the playback :slight_smile:

I think if it was working this way a lot of users would complain about lost files.
If something is done imho it would be better to have a specific settings for local folders.

To avoid a specific settings what could be nice is to have an option to delete in local folders like you have for a podcast for which you can override default.
It’s not shown but maybe it exists and by default when a local folder is added it is set to never delete (which is good) => so maybe all that is needed is to expose the setting to users ? (Even if I am right please note that a willing developer would be needed)

I think that the app behaviour should be consistent. Local folders are handled in a non-standard way compared to all the other feeds.

I agree that a folders-specific settings would be the best option, but if it’s not possible I think that the local folders should follow the standard behaviors set for all the feeds.
Anyway, this is only my opinion and unfortunately I don’t have any technical skill to help developing this feature so I have to wait (and hope)… :slight_smile: