Localized Podcast Titles, Descriptions etc

Hello, I was just wondering if it is possible to localize Podcast titles and descriptions into multiple languages.
After some research apparently it is, or at least in theory there is support for that in the RSS file, however I couldn’t find any information about widespread support of this feature.

Thats why I am asking here, if AntennaPod supports titles and descriptions in multiple languages and what language is being displayed.
And does anyone know if it is generally something widely supported by hosting platforms such as CastoPod? Or is it more niche?

And what language is being displayed if for instance there is no localization in the users language available as well as “default” Title(aka one without a language tag). Does AntennaPod for instance default to the first one listed in the RSS feed or to english?

(All questions are kind of general but I am also interested in AntennaPod specific behavior)

Hmm, that’s interesting. I’ve not heard of this possibility before. Do you have some resources that you found and could share?

As far as I’m aware AntennaPod doesn’t support such functionality also.

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I’m wondering about the use case though. If the audio is in English, why would I want to have a German title?


I wondered if the feature exists and looked in the podcasting 2.0 namespace but couldnt find anything specific, than I found a mention of " Localized Descriptions" here and assumed that it was just something too obvious to be seperately explained in the nameapace.
Maybe it’s AI written, but in general since the option seems pretty obvious to me I somewhat trusted the article, maybe it’s an unoffical standard.
But well that’s why I asked.
Thx for the reply!

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First off all for wider reach, just like with YT videos in English but with a title in multiple languages(although I can understand why this practice might be arguably something bad in some cases on YT) and well accessibility in some sense is part of this.

In addition there exist multi-lingual Podcasts or Bilingual ones at least where I could imagine this being useful as well. Now that I am thinking about it, maybe the channel/Autor/Sponsor segment of creators with multiple Podcasts in different languages might be worth being localized as well(even if each Podcast is only in one language and not localized).

But the use case I was mostly thinking about were language learning Podcasts, sure the titles could be in the native language, but it might lower the barrier if the titles where localized e.g. in English however assuming that someone learning a new language already speaks english seems a bit short sited to me, that’s why multiple titles would make sense.
Unless of course we assume that language learner Podcasts have a target audience of people who are already comfortable enough in reading said foreign language, thus removing the need for localized titles.
Edit: Now that I think about that, while it might be true that this is the case for a lot of languages(like those with a Latin script for example) where reading is not that difficult, for a language like Japanese the difficulty of speaking or listening it is vastly lower than reading(they use like 3 scripts at the same time, one of which is the Chinese one and has over 10,000 signs where each can have around 5 different meanings or so) making something like a localized title actually quite useful. In addition I just noticed that there are actually some language learner Podcasts for beginners that have titles that are not or only partially in the target language.¹ ²

But that IMHO still leaves us with the first two arguments reach and bi-/multilingual Podcasts (and someone hosting Podcasts in different languages, but with the same profile, if we talk about the “Support” or channel info section).

Edit: Like sure one can work around most issues by providing the title in multiple languages(making it possibly very long), or by creating multiple podcasts for different audiences containing the same audio files(which could be a hassle, even more so for a lot of languages). But all of that are just workarounds and other than a proper localization option I don’t really see an easy solution to this.
Unless of course this behavior would be defined as “not intended” or too niche, which is why I could of course understand if AntennaPod wouldn’t implement it if it where to be proposed/integrated in any standard, but generally speaking especially when we talk about multilingualism that is something I could see being applied especially in places like the EU where there is some kind of variety of languages with equal rights being used alongside each other.

Also thank for the reply to you as well.

Thanks in any case for your replys, I would find them very helpful and based on them possibly raise this topic “upstream” or let it be.