Make it possible to see the chapter bookmarks without starting the podcast

App version: 2.5.1 (Google Play Store)

I can only see the chapter bookmarks, when i start the episode. I have podcasts which are more then 3 hourse and sometimes i would like to listen to some of the chapters.

Suggested solution: Longpress on episode and give option “see chapter marks” to watch throw the chapter marks (similar as to now, when episode is started and then “chapter marks” is pressed.

Additional Option: some podcasts provide chapter pictures. It would be great to make this pictures “pressable” and “scaleable” (pinch to zoom), because sometimes there are text (and some other things) in the pictures, which need zooming.

Example: Lage der Nation, Episode 284, “Chapter 11” provides an Excel, which I can not read because it is too small. LdN284 Ukraine-Krieg (6. Woche), Landtagswahl Saarland, Vorbereitung auf Gas-Stopp, Zweites Energiepreishilfspaket, Wärmepumpen (Interview: Franco Dubbers), Corona-Maßnahmen enden, Impfpflicht, Menschen ohne Krankenversicherung – Lage der Nation

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

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Hi @Linkinsoldier,

Thanks for chipping in on our forum. That sounds like a reasonable request. We also had another request of users wanting to see a bigger version of the episode image. So I think it would be ideal if the episode view gets an update to make both possible. I’ve created the feature request for this on our development platform:


Thanks for the response! I am looking forward to testing this!