Making it possible to choose not to have the statistic feature

2.7.1 (d5f0ef244)

It’ merely I like stuff as simple as possible

Suggested solution:

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

You don’t have to open that screen :slight_smile: And adding an additional option makes the app more complicated, not less complicated.

Well if I didnt have the feature, I’d find it simpler!

But all in all Im thrilled by this app!

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I can think up a dark scenario involving a coercive control relationship where the abusee does not want the abuser to know that they are listening to but is that too far fetched?

This scenario would be hard to support imho. You will also need to hide history and subscriptions to have good privacy mode.


You are right of course. Just trying to think of where just ignoring the feature would not do the job.

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