Manually refreshing single podcast feed?

Am I right in thinking that if I do a refresh while displaying a podcast episode list it only refreshes the feed for that podcast?

Couldn’t find anything about this in the support info so wondering if that is because it is assumed to be blatantly obvious.

Supplementary question about refreshing feeds: If I set an interval refresh, say every 12 hours, does it do the first refresh at the time of setting the option and every 12 hours thereafter? So if I wanted it to refresh at 7am to pick up overnight updates and at 7pm to pick up updates done during the day then I should set the option at 7pm?

Yes - refreshing on the page of a podcast only refreshes that one (even if refreshing is disabled for it). Refreshing on “general” pages like queue or episodes screen refreshes all podcasts (if you have not disabled refreshing for them).

Yes - the first refresh is done instantly.

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