Manually select channels to auto-download from

As the title says, I think the option to auto-download from individual channels should be added, instead of auto-downloading from everything that you’re subscribed to.

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You can already do that. Press the gear icon on a specific subscription to enable/disable auto-download for it.

I was about to request the same. ByteHamster says you can do that in the specific options, but I can’t when it’s not enabled for all subscriptions (it’s grey).

I’m subscribed to about 50 podcasts, but only want to download three of them automatically. So I would have to turn on auto download for all subscriptions and manually disable it for 47 of them :exploding_head:

That means auto download is disabled globally on the settings screen.

Starting with AntennaPod 2.4 (currently available to 20% of the Google Play users and 100% of the Google Play beta users) you can multi-select subscriptions and disable auto download for all of them

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Thank you, this will make things easier! Although I would prefer if I could disable automatic downloads by default and just enable it for specific podcasts. So I wouldn’t have to disable it for every new podcast I subscribe to.

I currently use 2.3.2 from F-Droid, will 2.4 be the next version here?

When auto download is enabled, AntennaPod shows a checkbox when subscribing to something new

Yes. No ETA, though.

Ah that’s good, I wasn’t aware of that!

Thanks :blush: