Manualy copy backup in folder

Hey there!

I move to a new phone and just copied the files of (and now in) the folder data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/MyPodcast.
When I now start the app the episodes are marked with the download-icon, and I can not just play them.
What do I have to do / where to copy the files that I dont have to download them again?!

Thanks for your help!


App version: 2.0.1 (PlayStore)

Android version: 6.0.1

Device model: Samsung S5

Hi! Moving downloads to another device is not supported - only the database with playback state, subscriptions and favorites. While technical users could modify the database export to make it work, re-downloading the episodes is by far the easier option.


Actually its not a new device but the same, its just that I reseted the phone and than copied back the data. The backup-app did not do what I wanted, so I copied the files manually in the folder where they have been before. So it should be excactly the same path like before, or not?
Thanks for your support!

If it’s exactly the same path it should work. Some Android devices have a volume id in the file path. Maybe that id changed. What options do you get when pressing the data folder setting in AntennaPod?

I got two options, internal storage or sd-card, but I cannot change the exact directory.
I first chose the folder, than downloaded one episode to see where the program saves the files and afterwards copied the backuped files in this specific folder.
The volume-id ist the number of the sc-card? /storage/3444-4326/

Yeah, that number was probably different on the old phone. That’s why AntennaPod can’t find the old downloads. The easiest option probably is to download the episodes again.

AntennaPod 2.1.0 will get an option to add a folder from the sd card as a “virtual” podcast. If that would be a workaround for you, you can join the beta test on the app details page on Google Play.

Thanks for the explanation!
I will download the files again, sounds like the easiest option.

I was faced with a similar situation - really wanted to re-use my local files, since some of my downloaded podcasts are no longer available online. It’s a bit tedious but was worth my while.
Here is what I did:

  1. Used the export function of AntennaPod on my old phone “Settings”->“Storage”->“Import/Export”-> got to save the file “AntennaPodBackup-2020-12-04.db” on my phone
  2. Transferred AntennaPodBackup-2020-12-04.db to my laptop
  3. Installed an SQL-browser, eg. from (available for all major platforms; for me it’s xubuntu 20.04 LTS) - I don’t know much about SQL so I wanted to make sure I do thinks right.
  4. Opened AntennaPodBackup-2020-12-04.db with the sql-browser.
  5. Clicked on the tab “Browse Data” (or equivalent), then selected the table “FeedsMedia”.
  6. Clicked on “file_url” to sort the rows for downloaded podcasts to the top. Each cell of “file_url” contains the storage location on my old phone. The relevant parts of the path can also be looked up in AntennaPod: go to “Settings”->“Storage”->“Choose Data Folder”. I did this also on the new phone to find out what differs. On my old phone my podcasts where on an SD-card, on my new phone I only have internal storage.
    What I now want is to change all those cells, for example, I want
    /storage/3444-4326/Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/media/Seriously/Apollo 8.mp3
    to become
    /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/media/Seriously/Apollo 8.mp3
  7. Clicked on the tab “Execute SQL”.
  8. I entered the following SQL commands:
    update feedmedia set file_url = replace(file_url,“3444-4326”,“emulated/0”) where downloaded = 1;
    update feeds set file_url = replace(file_url,“3444-4326”,“emulated/0”);
    To execute this: CTRL+Enter.
    These commands replace the location for the media-files and temporary storage (not exactly sure about the latter, just to make sure).
  9. Checked in “FeedsMedia” and “Feeds” that the cells in the “file_url”-column have been updated
  10. Clicked on “Write Changes”
  11. Transferred “AntennaPodBackup-2020-12-04.db” to the new phone (again used USB-transfer)
  12. I had already transferred the media files, you might still have to do that - copy the structure containing your podcast files in “/Internal shared storage/Android/data/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/media/” from the old phone to the new.
  13. Used the import function of AntennaPod on my new phone (navigate to the location of file “AntennaPodBackup-2020-12-04.db”) -> after restart AntennaPod recognised the files on the new phone

(1) There are more professional ways to issue the SQL commands but I preferred the SQL-browser to interactively check that I did not make a mistake.
(2) The SD-card-ID “3444-4326” is just an example, to be replaced as needed.
(3) File name “AntennaPodBackup-2020-12-04.db” and locations on the phone(s) may vary, to be adapted as needed. I used simple USB-transfer.