MANY Duplicate episodes

App version: 3.2.0 (Google Play)

Android version: 14

Device model: S22 Ultra

Expected behaviour: No duplicate Episodes

Current behaviour: LOTS of duplicate episodes

First occurred: Month or two ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add ‘coversations with Coleman’ (maybe?)
  2. watch Lots of duplicate episdes

Environment: I do sync with gpodder plugin through Nextcloud and use a desktop client. However, this issue was happening before I set this up.

I did search for this issue. I see mentions of duplicate episodes but nothing with a resolution. Is this a problem with this particular podcaster or Antennapod? I’ve since removed this podcast,

but my MOSTIMPORTANT QUESTION is: is there a way to delete all these hundreds (thousands?) of episodes without clicking each one and deleting and without having to do too much work to start from scratch or anything?

Hi @sdflkj23
Welcome to our community forum! Unfortunately this is a known issue when synchronising with Gpodder. As we’re not actively supporting gPodder anymore as we’re turning our attention to a new solution, I’ll set this thread as ‘resolved’.

Sorry we don’t have better news.

Thanks for the reply. Which is the new solution if I ma ask? Also: I understand there is no solution to prevent this, but is there any way to clean up antennapod without deleting each of these one by one?

The new solution is Open Podcast API - a new standard for synchronising podcasting data. We’re involved in this initiative. More info:

As for a solution, I’m afraid there’s not much more to do than deleting them. Personally I would disable gpodder sync, unless you really need it. It’s still one by one, but you can go to the Subscriptions screen, long-press a podcast, tap on Multi-select, and then select all but one version.

Hope that helps!

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Anyone else having this issue, the fastest way to recover state prior to duplicates (deleting through the UI would have taken a day at least) is:

  • Disable gpodder
  • Export Database and download it to a computer (via USB, Google Drive, etc)
  • Open Database with sqlite (better yet any sql browser that supports sqlite) on a computer
  • Run simple SELECT and DELETE commands against the tables in the database to clean out the thousands of extra entries (you’ll only need SELECT * FROM <table> WHERE <condition> to see the rows you want to delete and DELETE FROM <table> WHERE <condition> to delete them. You might need WHERE <column> like 'string%' for wildcard strings. See sqllite documentation) You’ll want to view all the tables in your browser to make sure you’re getting everything. I had to delete from several tables.
  • Save the changes to the cleaned database
  • Upload the clean database back to the phone
  • Clear all data from the Antennapod in android Settings->Apps->Storage->Delete Cache/Delete Data to set back to a fresh state without any data (like you first installed it)
  • Import the clean database in Antennapod
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