Mark a podcast "Played All" or "Unplay All"

Having started my podcast player migration from Google podcasts to Antennapod it would be great to have the option to mark a whole podcast as played without having to go through individually marking each episode.

This feels like a minor quality of life feature that may not be important for most people but I like to have played episodes not show up in feeds and it’s going to take me hours to individually select each episode of every podcast and mark them as played.

This is where the Multi-select feature comes in which lets you select all episodes with one tap of the icon in the top right corner. Then select the Edit icon in the bottom right corner and choose Mark as played or Mark as unplayed.

You can also bulk select episodes below or above the first selected episode for those cases you want to keep the newest episodes as unplayed for example. And/or select/unselect individual episodes then choose an edit action to apply to those still selected.