Mark all as played not available now?

Today I notice that in the Subscriptions tab the option to mark episodes of a given podcast as played is not available anymore.
I used that feature every time I subscribe a new podcast in order to make old episodes to disappear from the filtered list.
The new podcast, at leas for me, it is not the same as played.

Would it be possible to have that feature back?

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Marking all episodes as played without actually playing them is not really how AntennaPod was intended to be used. The feature was therefore removed from the (rather prominent) long-press menu to make room for other options. You can still use multi-select on the podcast screen to mark all as played if you really need to.

The filter does not include read / not read. I have a filtered list of the things I have in my queue for listening.
When I subscribe a new podcast I get loads of unread podcasts.

What you said works, but the usability is not good. It took me some time to find the ‘Mark as played’ option and when I found it it is really hard to read. See the picture attached.
Thanks anyway

Yeah, that will be fixed in the next beta.

So you are using the “all episodes” screen as a queue for things you want to listen to? Why don’t you use the actual queue instead? That’s exactly what the queue is for. Then you don’t need to mark episodes as played that are not actually played.

I am not sure if I understand the queue. The queue shows downloaded episods, right?

I do not have auto download because I have several subscriptions and I do not listen everything every week. That is why I have my filtered list that I referred before.

The “downloads” screen shows downloaded episodes. The queue shows episodes that you decided you are interested in - either by downloading or by adding them to the queue. The “new” screen shows episodes that were published but that you did not yet decide what to do - you did not play them, nor download, nor add them to the queue. Think of the “new” screen as the inbox where you decide what should happen with each episode. The screen will be renamed to “inbox” in a future update.

Thinking of it again, maybe the inbox/“new” is actually the screen you want to use. Only episodes that were published after you subscribed are listed there.

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(Side note: That holds true until you have both Automatic Download’ and ‘Enqueue downloaded’ enabled. (Which is why I envision the inbox system as a ‘pre-filter’ for the automatic download system.))

Which ‘Filtered list’ were you referring to in your original post, @Jose_Luis_Borges?

@ByteHamster This makes me wonder if we should not mark episodes as ‘new’ when a new podcast is added. Or only the ones that were released like the past 7 days (rather than the last x episodes).

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That’s already the case if I remember correctly.

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The new tab it is pnly showing episodes that were nog downloaded yet.

That is not what I need.

Let me clarify.

I subscribe several podcasts but do not have the time to listen everything. So, I have the list of my unplayed episodes that includes those that were not downloaded yet.

If a new episode arrives that I want to listen I download it. If I am not interested I long press and mark it as played. I do all that in the same window.

But for that I need to mark as played all the episodes but the last few ones of a new podcast. That was very easy in previousversion, that is why I sent the first message.

I just need the ‘all’ window with the filter for played ones.

FYI it’s possible to add an episode to queue without downloading it. You have to long press it and select add to queue.
I think it’s still not ideal for you but it might be better that’s what you do now.