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App version: 2.1.2 from Google Play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
In the Subscriptions area if I long-hold on a given subscription can mark subscriptions as “all played”. To do this for a lot of subscriptions is a pain.

Can you add to that area the ability to mark ALL subscriptions as played at once?

Suggested solution:
Under the Subscriptions area menu options where it lists;
Number of columns
NEW–> Mark All Subscriptions as Played

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Hi and welcome to the forum. What is your use-case for marking all as played? Did you listen to them on another app?

(Similar request: Add ‘Remove all “new” flags’ button to Subscriptions / Episodes screens. As for that one, I would think proper batch editing is more useful than a dedicated menu item. But it’d be interesting to hear about your use-case.)


This is useful for me as well

  1. I subscribe to a podcast, which has 100+ episodes but I want to listen to new episodes starting today
  2. I go to the feed page and batch select and mark as play. It is doable, but could be easier if I could do it from the slide out side bar

@keunes , your suggestion works for me as well

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When subscribing to a new podcast it only marks the latest 1(0) as ‘new’. What makes you want to mark it as played?

Having latest episode marked as new after subscribing to a new podcast is a feature that is kind of annoying for me.

When I add a podcast usually I want to review episodes and download an older episode which looks more interesting or listen only to new episodes or start from episode one and catch up to all episodes.
Either way I always look episodes from new podcast to decide what to do. So when I decide not to listen to last released episode I am always forced to remove new flag.

I guess @tonytamsf case is the one where you decide to listen to only future episodes and so I agree with him. You are forced to remove new flag because AntennaPod decided to keep latest episode as new (which is not).

Hmm, actually, marking a few as new could be more confusing than helpful for new users, too. Maybe we should change it. I am not sure why it was added in the first place.

No I only use Antenna on one device for podcasts. Use case goes like this:

Subscribed to a dozen podcasts
Every few days I’ll use the app to see what’s new in my subscriptions
If there’s a particular cast I want to enjoy I’ll download it
For all remaining casts in a subscription I’ll select the subscription via the long-press option and mark all as played
A few days later I might use the app again and follow the same process
Over time a list of curated casts is available to me in the Queue which I then enjoy as time permits

Thanks gang!

Agreed either would work for my use case.

Having switched over recently, I can understand the reasons to not have it but having my subscriptions list say 4532 while I really only have 5 I haven’t listened to isn’t great either.
I wonder if the subscription screen could have a “I’ve already listened to this podcast” or “mark current episodes as played” checkbox or some such. This problem only really comes up when subscribing to a new podcast so it’s a pretty good place.

You can already mark all episodes as played using multi-select.

I think some of the use-cases would be solved by the introduction of an ‘ignored’ state: 'Refactor' episode statuses & introduce 'Ignored' status · Issue #5237 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

As explained there, we should move away from the ‘mark as played’ concept/approach. I’ll mark this feature request, therefore, for automatic closing.

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