Add 'Remove all "new" flags' button to Subscriptions / Episodes screens

App version: 2.1.2 (from Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Reviewing the new podcasts, downloading the selected ones and then clearing the ‘New’ flag is the most common regular task I do. I’d love to have the ‘Remove all “new” flags’ button easily accessible from Subscriptions as well as Episodes screen so that I don’t have to go via the menu to do that.

Suggested solution:
Add the 'Remove all “new” flags" as a button in Subscriptions and Episodes screen.

When doing this, it would also be great to add Option in settings for (not)showing the confirmation screen.


Hi @merlin
Thanks again for chipping in. Do you know that you can long-press any podcast in the Subscriptions screen, and hit “Remove all “new” flags”? No need to do it from the menu per se.

A dedicated button to clear all new flags from all subscribed podcasts I think is a bit too much. I think a proper batch edit for subscriptions would be a good solution (that also serves other purposes).

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Apologize for being a bit quiet. I think we are talking a bit different thing - I am talking about ability to remove ‘New’ flag from all new podcasts within the ‘Episodes’ menu - i.e. my daily workflow is
a) go to Episodes
b) hit Refresh button — this downloads all new episodes across all subscribtions
c) I walk throough them and download those I like
d) I then need to go to three-dots menu > select ‘Remove all “new” flags’ from there, confirm again

So my hope was to have simple button for step d) … and also ideally w/o the confirmation dialog. It is not super huge deal but would make the workflow a bit smoother :slight_smile:

Makes sense?

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Do you know the screen Episodes » New? It is made exactly for that workflow. You can swipe away episodes you don’t like and download episodes you are interested in.

Yes, I do but I use it a bit differently I guess :slight_smile: I go to this screen, refresh new episodes, click on the first one to go into episode details where I read content etc. and based on that I decide whether to download or not and then swipe to move to next new episode detail. Like that I walk through all the new episodes and am left with those I do not want to play but they keep the ‘New’ flag. So then I have to go to the menu and clear it. And that’s where I was hoping for ‘one click button’. But I totally understand this is not super critical - just few more clicks so if there is no interest I’ll certainly survive that :slight_smile: Still really appreciate your willingness to consider.

I don’t think we can have the button more prominently on the subscriptions screen, to be honest. Even if it was added there, it would be in the overflow menu - just like on Episodes » New. The problem with one-click solutions is that everybody wants a different option to be available in one click. If we added all of those one-click buttons, AntennaPod would have screens filled with dozens of buttons, which would look confusing to new users.

What we could maybe do would be to remove the confirmation dialog and instead show a small message with an “undo” button after clicking.


Fully understand that everybody uses the app differently. So with that I think there are couple options:

  1. allow customizable buttons (via settings - you let user chose ‘2 buttons’ of their choice to display on the screen (similar to what we have for the notification)

  2. the solution you suggested - at least remove the confirmation dialog and show the ‘undo’ message

I’d prefer #1 but fully understand that’s more difficult than #2 so if we can at least do #2 that would eliminated one click from my common routine :slight_smile:

Thank you again :slight_smile:

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