Mark as played and delete as single swipe option

Currently if I have a episode that I might not have finished but want to delete, I swipe toggle play state in one direction and delete in the other.

It would be very handy to have mark played and delete as one action and free up the other swipe direction. From what I can tell deleting an episode won’t mark it as played and marking it played won’t delete the episode.

If there is a work around for this or I have configured wrong please let me know.

Thanks for the great app

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You can have the option to remove from queue when episode file is deleted. (Options is in storage)

It would not mark episode as read but you didn’t really read it. Does it matter to have it marked as read? If the answer yes I think what you really want is the option to mark episode as ignored / not interested in. There have been discussion about it and I believe it was agreed to have this status. (No ETA)

I’ve always managed/organised my podcasts from the episodes section. Deleting, marking played etc from there. I use the filters for played/not played and downloaded to help see what’s on my device and only what I haven’t listed to.

Alternatively if marking something played also deleted the downloaded file would be handy. Ignored could work if ignoring and episode deleted the downloaded file and you could filter them in the episodes section.

I use the queue as a simple upcoming/order play back and not so much for managing podcasts.

It might just be my workflow but being able to delete and mark played in one action or marking played also deleting a downloaded episode makes sense with how I use the app