“Mark as read” no longer works

App version: 3.4.0f (5f5d744e7) (F-Droid)

Android version: 14 Stock Rom

Device model: Pixel 8

Expected behaviour: Feed messages can be marked as read and hidden using the filter

Current behaviour: can no longer mark feed messages as read and therefore cannot hide them using the filter. Otherwise antennapod works perfectly as usual.

First occurred: yesterday

Steps to reproduce:

  1. press “mark as read” button

Environment: Nothing changed

What I tried so far: I have already stopped / restarted the app and deleted the cache. I have restarted the smartphone.

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Will be fixed in the next release

Thank you.

When is the next release planned?

Workaround for me:
Long press to select multiple
Mark as read is working there

Looking forward for the next release

thank you… good hint!