Mark episode as played and remove from playlist/queue

Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you for your hard work and the great app you’re maintaining - I really appreciate it!

A little question: I’ve enabled the smart “mark as played” option (sorry for the probably incorrect translation, in German it is intelligentes “als abgespielt markieren”) and set it to 5 minutes. When listening to a podcast episode via my Bluetooth headphones, turning it off within an episode’s last five minutes removes it from the playlist/queue - as expected :ok_hand:t2:

But when doing the same without my headphones by just using the smartphone’s built-in speaker, I don’t know how I can accomplish the same. Simply pausing an episode within the last five minutes at least doesn’t work.

Thx for your help!

PS: I’m running AntennaPod 3.0.2 on Android 12 on a Fairphone 4.

Pausing should never trigger “smart mark as played”. Maybe your headphones send some unusual command. If you want to indicate that you are not interested in the rest of the episode, use the skip button in the notification.

Okay, I can reproduce the problem: as soon as I don’t pause but turn off my headphones, the episode is removed from the queue.

So when should “smart mark as played” be triggered when not using headphones?

And can I somehow stop AntennaPod from using the queue at all? Because my underlying issue is that at the moment, each and every episode I listen to is added to the queue but never removed, even when I finished listening.

When skipping or when starting a new episode

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If you don’t keep downloaded episodes there is a setting to delete episode after listening and another one to remove episode from queue when it is deleted.

Thx @Matth78 and what about streaming episodes without downloading?

No idea about the behavior in this case.
Ideally episode should be removed from queue when it is ended.

I did a test and launched an episode in streaming mode, moved almost at the end and waited for it to finish. When episode ended it has been removed from my queue. So I guess it works as expected!

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