Mark episode to listened on Android Auto

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2.1.1 (a7c6e697c) Google Play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I wish I could mark an episode as heard on Android Auto.
Now, to mark an episode as listened to, I have to advance the episode with the 30-second forward button, and often, when I do, the app ends up hanging.


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This is great suggestion, I am listening more using Android Auto.

So you have the preference check when you skip, the episode is removed?

And would it work to Skip the episode which would mark it as ‘listened’

Hi Tony,

The problem is that I can’t mark an episode as listened to, on Android Auto. Since I can’t mark an episode as listened to, all I can do is advance the episode to the end of playback. The problem is that when I use the advance (30 seconds) a few times, the app hangs and no longer works. I have to disconnect the phone and reconnect it, with the inconvenience that this entails.


Are able to skip the entire episode via the Skip button or is that mapped to the fast forward?

Hi Tony,
Yes I do get the option to skip the episode, but if I do, I forgive the option to advance 30 seconds on podcasts.
I wish I could advance the episodes 30 seconds, and be able to mark an episode as listened to, from Android Auto.

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Got it, I wish for that functionality on Android Auto for AP as well.

I will work on fixing it.

Github issue filed Clicking on the Skip button on Android Auto should skip regardless of the setting for Form Button Skips · Issue #4863 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub