Mass delete of played episodes gone?

I used to be able to delete downloaded played episodes. Now that feature seems to be there no more. I am not the only one: Reddit - Dive into anything

In Downloads > Completed, there is multiselect but no filtering capability (screenshot in next post due to user privilidge restrictions).

In Episodes, there is no multiselect but there is filtering:

I recently changed storage from Internal to SD card. Probably some episodes are now still on Internal storage, new episodes are on SD card (or have they moved automatically?) I am not aware of any other changes on my side. Android 12, Damsung M51, app version 2.6.2. Any ideas?

The other screen:

You are using an old version of AntennaPod. Upgrade to have more multi-select options.

Ha, thanks! Somehow F-droid completely failed to notify me about updates and when I looked at Google Play (having forgotten I used f-droid to install AntennaPod), it seemed I was on the latest version. Now in episodes it works (Downloads still do not have filtering but maybe they do not need it).


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