Massive battery drainage

App version: F-Droid 2.7.1

Android version: 8.0

Device model: Sony Xperia

Environment: no auto-update enabled, no auto-download enabled


I have been using Antennapod for a while and now have some issues with extremely hgh battery drainage. I have around 200 podcast subsciptions but a lot of them are inactive, and I also have turned off automatic updates and automatic dowloads, so I only update and download twice a day manually. Still, the app is using tons of battery even when just listening to the podcasts offline.
I used to only have a couple of subscriptions and it never was an issue then - but since I don’t have any updates or auto-downloads enabled, why is it using so much battery all of a sudden?

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As know one else has answered I just wanted to ask how you know it is AP that is draining the battery? Have you looked at Battery Usage under Device Care which lists the apps which use most battery?

Yes, it is. It is using more than 14 % per hour while just playing downloaded files, w/o anything enabled, no internet connection.

Can confirm. CPU usage of AntennaPod can get pinned to extremely high levels on my phone, draining the battery rapidly & heating up the phone drastically. Please see screen shot from Samsung’s Thermal Guardian watchdog. The only way to stop it is by force closing AntennaPod, after which the phone cools down eventually.

This happens several times a week for me now, likely because my database has grown so large at this point. I haven’t been active on this site lately, so haven’t thought to acquire a stack trace while it’s happening. I will attempt next time it happens.

Would you be able to let us know how large your database is?

Currently 364 MB! Admittedly, this is the biggest I’ve let it become, due to lack of pruning. But I’ve experienced the pinned CPU problem with an even smaller database.

Let me know if there’s any SQL or other commands you’d like to see the results of, especially if it’s during an overheating episode. This phone isn’t rooted but I do have Termux.

Edit: Also any logcat filters that might be helpful; ADB captures practically everything going on.

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