Max Downloaded Episodes PER FEED

App Version 3.2.0

It would be nice to, instead of stating the total number of downloaded episodes in total, to have the option of having max number of episodes PER FEED

This way feeds that are not being listened to constantly dont take up space for other pods.

Should make sense - I can illaborate if needed

Not exactly what you are asking for, but may be relevant for you (or anyone else) as well.

Currently I use “Incoming”/“Inbox” flow:

  1. Set up default page to “Inbox / Incoming” (when opening app). This page shows all new episodes from all podcasts. I treat it as “unsorted”.
  2. I set up swipe actions for sorting. One side-swipe adds episode to Queue (and remove from Inbox), other side-swipe removes from inbox. So I add to Queue what I want to listen and remove non-interesting episodes.
  3. Episodes are set to download when in Queue.

It wasn’t obvious for me, I’ve only discovered it after a few month of active AntennaPod use.

yeah - i see what you mean but i am trying to avoid having to pick and choose which episodes are added to the queue.
I think it should be an automatic process where the app can download, say 20 of, the oldest pods for me to listen to, and as I listen it keeps ahead so I never have to manually pick and choose which are offered.

I have come from a very customisable app (that is no longer supported) so I understand there’s maybe a different way of dealing with things on here.
For me a global total number of episodes to cache is not logical.
If set to 100 does it download 100 of 1 feed, or does it spread them over all of my feeds? there isnt an explainer (that I have seen)

Hmm, you are right. I didn’t really understand for sure how auto-downloads work. I just assumed it downloads new episodes or episodes in a queue. And it wasn’t very consistent with my expectations either, sometimes I need to remove downloaded episodes or download more episodes manually.

Just checked: there is no explanation in the app settings anywhere nor in Documentation – AntennaPod. Auto-download is just never mentioned where I can find it. Auto-deletion is mentioned, but not Auto-download :wink:

@ByteHamster could we add a new section in documentation and explain Auto-Download in app settings a bit better?