Maximizing usability of this support forum

I’m new to AntennaPod and new to this support forum. The first thing I noticed here was multiple posts for the same issue, which causes extra work for those offering assistance and also means the person seeking assistance may be missing-out on existing answers.

I’m happy to see the “Your topic is similar to…” pop-up as I’m typing this, but disappointed to see that the posts it suggests have little to do with like what I’m typing.

Is it possible to merge duplicate topics, or at least change unhelpful titles associated with existing posts so they can be more easily found? Thanks!

Hi @Listener
Thanks for chipping in and making this suggestion!

I’d agree with you in principle, especially for feature requests. At the same time I think it’s also just the nature of a community forum - different people have similar requests or situations and don’t always care to check/search what others did/posted before them.

Either way, @ByteHamster and I don’t have time for such careful moderation. Other active contributors haven’t suggested/requested this before, so we never really discussed. But I’m sure that if you see things that could be merged, just ping us :slightly_smiling_face:

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I certainly have no desire to make more work. Quite the contrary, I thought that merging submissions would ultimately require less work for you and @ByteHamster since less updates would be required following the merge.

In case y’all decide to pursue merging, these are the duplicates that caught my eye and inspired this post:

Option of no auto deleting queue

How to set up for not removing from the list after listenning

An option to choose whether to automatically remove episodes from the queue when finished

Prevent episodes from being automatically deleted from the queue

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I just enabled a large search bar at the top of the forum. Maybe that can make people use search before they post the same question again.


Nice, is it possible to remove :
We’re happy to have you here. If you need help, please search before you post.

So it will take less screen. I think only title may be necessary to make search bar stands out. At least on mobile phone.

I know that it is a bit in the way for contributors like you and me, but I think for users it’s good to be so prominent. That makes sure they really see it. In the end, if more users see it, this also means less work for us dealing with duplicates :slight_smile: Apparently for some users it is not obvious that they should search before posting, so I quite like the text (this is the default text)

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