Media control buttons too small

AntennaPod is amazing and getting better with every release. The only problem I found is with the media controls for people over 50 :slight_smile: . The buttons used to be bigger. Now they are tiny and hard to see with the background image. Can we please make the Play/Pause button bigger (like in spotify). This is critical for the car. Thoughts?

Hi @pod_fan,
Just to clarify: are you talking about the main player screen, the mini player (bottom bar), the Android notification or the Android Auto system?

Please be advised that for safety reasons it is not recommended to use the regular app while driving. The special Android Auto system is adopted for this type of use.

Hi! I mean the Android notification. The buttons are very small and hard to see with the image in the background. Even when not driving they are hard to use. Usually, apps put a big play/pause button on the right side.

Android Auto doesn’t have fast forward, is it possible to configure it? Only shows “play” and “next”.

@pod_fan, you can expand the notification to make it bigger. But I agree with you, I find the controls there to be very small regardless. Most of the time when I try to use them on my FHD+ phone, I end up opening the full AP app by mistake…which, OK, but defeats the purpose.

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