Media from Local network

I’ve found several rather obscure “episodes” on the Internet Archive ( that I’ve downloaded to my local server. I’d like to queue those up in AntennaPod to be downloaded whenever my local network is available. Is there a way I can have AntennaPod access my local network or perhaps create my own RSS file to point AntennaPod to my local resources?

Thanks in advance for your guidance while I learn how all this works!

For things like this, AntennaPod has a feature to add local folders with episodes from your phone’s storage card

Since my phone has limited local storage, I’d like to somehow allow AntennaPod LAN access on my network. I have network access on my Android device via an app TotalCommander, but AntennaPod seems to default only to Local Access for browsing a selected folder. Perhaps because it’s using the default Android Files browser to select its location. If it’s “File” browser could be reset to use TotalCommander I might have it. I’ll keep pondering.