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I’ve found several rather obscure “episodes” on the Internet Archive ( that I’ve downloaded to my local server. I’d like to queue those up in AntennaPod to be downloaded whenever my local network is available. Is there a way I can have AntennaPod access my local network or perhaps create my own RSS file to point AntennaPod to my local resources?

Thanks in advance for your guidance while I learn how all this works!

For things like this, AntennaPod has a feature to add local folders with episodes from your phone’s storage card

Since my phone has limited local storage, I’d like to somehow allow AntennaPod LAN access on my network. I have network access on my Android device via an app TotalCommander, but AntennaPod seems to default only to Local Access for browsing a selected folder. Perhaps because it’s using the default Android Files browser to select its location. If it’s “File” browser could be reset to use TotalCommander I might have it. I’ll keep pondering.

It is definitely possible to generate a rss feed and serve it over an http server on your local LAN. Some programming required, but definitely doable. (I have my own custom feed generator which I occasionally use for random mp3:s and single episodes. Not commented and highly personal code. Not helpful to share.)

Are you acquainted with any scripting language? Find a library for writing xml, look at the podcast spec (and likely the raw feed of some podcast you’re familiar with), write some code looping over those downloaded files and you should be all set.

Please let us know how it goes, and feel free to ask for help if needed.

I’ve actually been wondering about something similar, except integration for podcast folders/files from Google Drive or DropBox, etc. Due to purges, domain expirations, retroactive Paywalling, and censorship of podcasts becoming a rampant problem this year, I’ve become pretty meticulous about backing-up podcasts to Drive. I’ve also archived older episodes not available in feeds & ad-free eps.

My device is also very tight on storage, so streaming from Drive might be a feature worth considering given the podcasting landscape we’re facing — in big part thanks to Apple Podcasts’ + subscription model upending podcasting as we know it.

One app that has this capability for music, but insufficient features for podcasts, is CloudBeats (avail in Play Store). Otherwise an option to save stats from played uploaded files even after they’re deleted from local storage folder would be helpful too.

I’ve also spent countless hours trying to figure out how to make private RSS feeds for deleted podcasts I obviously don’t own the copyright to (and thus can’t upload to podcast hosting service or, but keep coming up on empty. If there’s a tutorial you could point me to for coding my own, I’d greatly appreciate it!

At least with Archive[.]org pods, there’s an existing architecture for making custom RSS feeds that’s been working great for me on several podcasts, with a little trial and error.

Here’s their official tutorial for making RSS feeds based on several conditions/search terms.

And here’s their advanced search tool to help narrow the episodes it returns. Really helps if there’s a consistent user, collection, or naming scheme for the episodes.

You can add additional filters and sorting options in the RSS URL, but it’s a bit degraded so I prefer to keep default date sorting and just ignore the few random unrelated episodes that pop-up on one of my Archive pods.

Also, for the specific genereation of collections or raw .mp3 urls into podcast feeds, there is also

Fourble turns lists of .mp3 files into podcasts. Point it at some audio files hosted anywhere online, and it’ll turn them into a podcast feed which you can subscribe to and share.

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