Migrate AntennaPod including settings and downloaded mediafiles

App version: 3.0.1
Android version: 8.1 and 12 (see below)
Device model: moto G5s

Expected behaviour:
I am trying to migrate Antennapod with all settings, feeds, and podcasts to a newer phone with Android 12. Installing the app was easy enough, and Antennapod’s database export/import commands allowed me to migrate all settings and feeds successfully. But I do not want to download all the podcasts again (manually, or other). So I copied the related files from the old phone (media folder inside de.danoeh.antennapod etc.) into exactly the same folder on the new phone.

Current behaviour:
But Antennapod does not recognize the podcasts, still says “file not found” when I open the corresponding page under subscriptions.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)

Steps to reproduce:
Requires two phones with v3.0.1. installed, the rest is already explained above.

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?)

It is obvious that copying the MP3 files alone are not recognized by Antennapod, even when placed in the correct directory. Is there a way to make Antennapod aware of the files (“rescan …”) ?

Transferring downloads to a new device is not supported. You can either re-download them or place them in a folder and add them as a “local folder” virtual podcast.

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Thanks !!
I understand, but then again … I think this would become a valid feature request. It can’t be that hard, and you just need to consider a situation where you accumulated a number of really nice podcasts which are no longer available online, next you buy a new phone …
I understand what you say about the local folder, but that isn’t the same as creating the same look and feel on the new device.

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I would still love to backup my settings, its really a bit of a pain for me since I tend to swap custom roms and such, yeah not everyone does that but the few times other people switch their phones should count too

This is also covered here: Include settings in database back-up · Issue #4089 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

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