Migrating from Google Podcasts

Can I see which podcast episodes I have already listened to after migrating from Google Podcasts?

The way I managed my transition to antennapod was by, subscription by subscription:

-selecting all episodes from each podcast
-setting all of them as already played: if you long press on any episode, a context menu should pop out and if you choose multi-select, you can select or unselect all episodes in the current list by using the toggle in the top right corner of the screen; then, pressing on the pencil in the bottom right corner you can edit the state of the current selection (for example, to “already played”)

I imagine that if you don’t listen to all episodes from all podcasts, or if you don’t usually listen to the whole episode, this won’t be ideal😅

Hope this helps :v:t4:

Unfortunately Google does not support exporting your list of played episodes. So you can only transfer the list of subscriptions and then do what @Jack_o_Bong described to get the episode status manually.

Short answer: No.
As @ByteHamster indicated, that’s a Google Podcasts limitation.

I am a fellow Google Podcasts refugee and likewise migrated to AntennaPod. Your next steps will depend on your podcast-listening workflow. @Jack_o_Bong provided a detailed way of marking played episodes in your post-Google Podcasts player. Since I don’t do any automatic downloads or anything like that I took a simpler approach that may or may not be helpful for you:

  1. Export your subscriptions from Google Podcasts
  2. Import your subscriptions into AntennaPod
  3. If you weren’t “current” on listening to any episodes you can manually add them to your queue if you’d like
  4. As new episodes periodically arrive in the InBox, delete the ones you won’t be listening to, add them to your queue if you will be listening to them, or leave them in the InBox if you’re not sure yet whether you will listen to them.
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