Missing episodes in Android Auto

App version: 2.4.2 (83f564ffc) (Google Play)

Android version: 12.x (Please mention if you are using a custom rom!)

Expected behaviour :
On my car, when viewing AntennaPod in Android Auto, it seems like there’s no way to show all episodes. I expected that I can view new episodes and play them while driving but there’s only a “Queue” option (Screenshot 1)

Clicking on More just shows the list of my subscriptions/podcasts in alphabetical order and not the episodes.

Is this the expected behavior? How can I listen to new episode in Android Auto?

Sorry about the late response.

We did discuss this thread on the Community Call yesterday, and @keunes created the following issue:

So to answer the support request; In order to listen to new episodes you currently have to first add them to the listening queue from your phone. Having easier access to new episodes is a valid feature request though, hence the created issue.

I hope my reply makes sense. Android Auto wasn’t a thing a decade ago when I last needed to own a car. In case anyone who actually is driving has better insight, please feel free add to the thread.

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Thanks @cos @keunes and all!

I’ve been doing just that in the meantime. Really love how polished AntennaPod is and have been using it for everything else other than in-car listening. Thanks for all the hardwork!

Once this feature is in, I can finally delete my proprietary podcast app and go totally self-hosted/private with my personal custom gpodder.net server!


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