Monthly community call!

Hi all,

As per the discussion in the previous and first community call, we’ll meet each month to discuss anything AntennaPod related. Come join our monthly calls too! :phone: :studio_microphone: All info is in the recurring event below.

In this thread we’ll discuss and announce the next topics, and report back on what we discussed. Hope to see you!

Do you want to receive a notification every now and then about the community calls? Join this group :point_down: We’ll tag the group before & after the meetings.


I was thinking about what we could discuss at the second community call. Here’s some ideas, but please do share your thoughts with a quick reply!

  • We’ve had some new people contributing in different ways. Let’s do a quick intro round!
  • As we have some folks that are contributing to small incremental design improvements such as this one, it’d be great to discuss how we could make those happen (both designed and developed).
  • Someone proposed to localise screenshots, with podcasts and episodes from their country. It’d be helpful to try and see if we agree on the list of what w can include and what not, and maybe see how we can automate the process.
  • We released 2.5 and already have enough improvements & features to start preparing for the next release! We can briefly discuss what, if anything, else might go in, and the steps for the process.

Well, I guess that’s already plenty for an hour. But I’m happy to drop my ideas to make room for yours! So please do share them below :slight_smile:

The call will take place at Saturday 9 April at 18:00 CEST, using AntennaPod’s Jitsi instance as before. Hope that timeslot works for everyone who wants to join. If another timeslot would be better, don’t hesitate let that know as well.

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Good list! An additional suggestion: how about discussing what remains to be done to allow the community to report broken feeds to publishers?

Also happy to discuss any non-coding tasks where the team could use some help.

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Great ideas @loucasal!

Topics for the community call on 2022-05-14:

This is a wiki post. Feel free to edit and add your own topics to be discussed.

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