Brainstorming bottom navigation (for bigger screens)

App version: 2.2.0-beta2 (9f88e3c7c) from Google Play

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
On big screens the side navigation can be hard to use.

Suggested solution:

Just creating a new discussion to into more detail @merlin @FeederPilot :slight_smile: I like the above proposal!

Just not a big fan of tabs - do we know how other apps deal with a multitude of screens that need to be hosted?

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
To be prepared at some point.

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I’ve been going through my apps to find some examples and one app I liked was the new, redesigned Goodreads app.

It has the standard max 5 buttons at the bottom but the right-most button isn’t a screen itself but a “more” button that opens a bottom drawer with 9 additional, less often used screens.

I think that’s a nice idea that could be a catchall drawer for less frequently used stuff like the settings, profile, stats, discover page, feed management and so on.

While we brainstorm what would end up being a partial redesign of the app it would be nice if folders or categories could be included in these thoughts. I feel like this is a feature that will come at one point or another and it would be smart to prepare the design for that.


Yes, I need this. But I would like an option to autohide when scrolling, just like the sidebar is out of the way until I call it. Some music players and other apps dont do this and it is kinda annoying xD


Regarding “do we know how other apps deal with a multitude of screens that need to be hosted?” - until I moted to AntennaPod I was using CastBox and they have something similar - bottom navigation w/ some sot of ‘tabs’ (they use buttons) - I felt it made quite sense but their distribution was (IMHO) not very optimal.

That’s quite interesting. That’d be different from what @merlin proposed (merging some screens, using tabs).
I’m not a fan of tabs, but I like the grouping of e.g. Queue (which we maybe should rename to Playlist indeed) and Playback history - it feels they fit together. Same for Podcasts and Add podcast.

Say we have space for 5 items, what about:

  • Home (would be great if it gets implemented - proposal)
  • Playlist (Queue, Playback History)
  • Tags/Groups/Folders (basic function implemented, would need improvements - tapping on this menu item I feel could open the list of tags, to go to their respective list of podcasts or playlists - more info)
  • Podcasts (Podcasts, Add podcast, Discover)
  • Episodes (New, All, Favourite)
  • More
    • Statistics
    • Downloads (Running, Completed, Log)
    • Settings

Am I forgetting any screens? (I’d love to get an Inbox also but don’t see it happening any time soon.)
Would you order/arrange them differently?

Settings would need to be added:

  • Sidebar VS bottom menu
  • Bottom menu settings (e.g. order, what to show/hide)
Why have a side-bottom switch

I think we can’t force all users to use this in one go. Hence the bottom-side switch. Firefox on mobile has done something similar: setting for having the toolbar (incl menu) at the top or bottom. A switch allows us to gather feedback over a longer period of time, and let people switch when they’re ready.

When there is consensus on the list (content & order), I could start working on some mockups. Of anyone can paste here screenshots of bottom navigations they liked or disliked, that’d be very helpful for making mock-ups :slight_smile:

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@keunes When you say tags/groups/folders you mean hierarchical view? If not I don’t understand why it doesn’t go with podcasts screen?

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Fair point @Matth78. They could indeed be just listed/filtered under ‘Podcasts’. So that would only leave the use-case of having multiple playlists. Which then could then display as a list when tapping on Playlists. So I reckon the ‘tags’ can be removed indeed.

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I like the idea of “More” button - that indeed can be good ‘future proof’ solution. What I didn’t get though is your comment about not liking tabs… but then I see you’d group multiple features under single bottom navigation button - how would you implement it if not via tabs?

BTW Bottom navigation & tabs is used e.g. in Google Play Store - which should be a show case for correct design :slight_smile:


I don’t like 'em because they take vertical space, don’t look clean (ok, taste is subjective) and limit swiping options (cf inbox discussion).

By accepting the thing you don’t like: tabs :wink:

To be honest I never use the Play store that extensively that I ever had a look at their tabs. But maybe you’re right. Swiping doesn’t equal changing tabs (which is the major annoyance I have with the current Episodes screen). And also they take up less vertical space. Same for the tabs in Breez (which puts them in the top bar, which also saves a lot of space):