Discussion about adding more statistics

We do store the last time that an episode was played. Such a range slider would therefore only be an estimate - if an episode is played twice, we no longer know when it was played the first time. Given that episodes are probably mostly played once, I think we can still use that number.

The problem is that the “playback history” screen uses the date and that pressing the clear button there deletes it. I think as a first step, we could rename the playback history screen to “recently played” and remove the feature to clear it. That way, we have more reliable data for stats generation. Maybe we could even move the playback history screen to the episode screen tabs instead of its own page, so we get some space in the sidebar for the “home” screen (and maybe the “inbox” screen). The change will probably annoy some users, though.

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I will try to sum up what everyone seems to be ok on.
If I am correct I think we should create corresponding issues in GitHub. (To everyone : feel free to do it If I didn’t because of time lacking)

For specific podcast info :
display info already available on transversal statistics about played episode which tell you how many episodes you played (number and duration).
I think it would be really nice to add percentage.
Add this info for last 10 episodes so you could know if you are still interested and actively listening.

For transversal statistics :
Add a range slider to let user choose the period he wants to have stats about.

A little bit off topic :
IMHO statistics should aim more to help managing podcasts. For instance : which podcast to drop (episodes lagging), which to prioritize (number of episodes to catch up, update frequency), which is dead (how long since last published episode).
That’s why it would make sense to have access to them from subscriptions screen. There should be a link / a shortcut in 3 dots menu after filter and sort. (And before number not columns)

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I think this might be a bit hard to understand because it would display many numbers (“30% of the last 10 episodes”). How about using something like “30% of the episodes released in the last month” or something similar?

It’s not the same. I have a podcast which release an episode every 3-6 month at best. (Right now last episode was from nov.15)
Having stats for a month wouldn’t help to know that I still always listen to all episodes.

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Maybe something that automatically says “30% of the episodes released in the last month” and “30% of the episodes released in the last year”, depending on the date of the 10 newest episodes? Could be confusing, though, if the text is different for different podcasts.

Agree with @Matth78 that using ‘last month’ is problematic due to differing frequencies.
I think we could say ‘latest episodes’ vs ‘all time’. ‘Latest’ then is 10 episodes, under the hood. We’d only show ‘latest’ in the podcast info screen, and display both in the stats detail view. Would that work?

I see your point. In the context of a bottom navigation, it might make sense actually to put ‘Podcasts’ and ‘Stats’ together. In a way, both screens provide the same list (podcasts), only with different information, in a different layout. So I would support your proposal to add a menu entry between ‘Sort’ and ‘Number of columns’.

In any case Stats are not settings, so I feel the screen should be moved either way, to wherever.

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+1 to that! It would also allow more flexibility to change or tune what is considered latest episodes.


Sounds like a fair solution. Before reading up on this thread, I was thinking many would already be happy with a yearly snapshot (‘what I listened to this year’). And the longer the period, the more reliable the ‘last listened’ time. Will create issues for these.


I’m interested in these more comprehensive stats feature - which issues should I follow?

I did intend to open corresponding issues but lost track of it.
Will do right now and will update my post with corresponding issues.

Edit :
Issue 5102 : Statistics screen - Add range slider to select a period
Issue 5103 : Add more statistics to podcast info screen - Number of played episodes and info for latest played

I did not create issue about other proposals as it was not clear if there was a consensus.
So no issues especially for :

  • Average released time for latest episodes
  • Number of days since last played episode

Besides I thought @keunes you wanted to create an issue to add “last listened time” but I don’t think you did ? I think it would be a good info, ideally it should also specify when last episode has been released and so “Number of days since last played episode” would be less useful.

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One statistic I’d like to see is how much time the “Skip silence in audio” feature has saved me.

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Such a long time ago that I do’t recall :stuck_out_tongue: Reading back I think I wanted to create the two issues that you in the end created, so I think we’re covered.

@DanielPower I don’t use ‘skip silence’, but nice idea - I imagine it can be interesting.

It would be great if we could keep the stats of podcasts that we deleted so that the stats can still be preserved. I am hyper organised and there are few podcasts that I delete to keep my feed clean and add back again once I have more time to listen. Part of me gets hurt when the stats are removed when I have to delete podcasts, lol! :smile:


Starting with AntennaPod 2.3.0, you can create an “Archive” folder and hide the subscriptions from the main list.

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Is there any progress into adding yearly stats? I would really like to see what I’ve listened to this year of 2021!

Also, I noticed that marking something as played does not add the playtime to the stats, is this intended? Sometimes I listen to video versions of podcasts (usually youtube) but I would still like to have it show up in my stats.

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I don’t think adding yearly statistic is in progress, at least I don’t see any active Github issues or pull requests for this work.

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Yes, definitely intended to make sure the stats is true to your listening pattern

Whether it is video or audio should theoretically not matter. If it does, it is a bug.
Marking an episode as played only adds it to the stats if you have set your stat method that way. It is either ‘played status’ (incl manual) or ‘actual play time’. You can check and change this from the Stats screen.


If this is the right place for it, I’d like to suggest some statistics I know from other podcast apps:

  • Time saved by playback speed and/or by “skip silence”.
    already available:
  • Total time/number of podcasts played
  • per podcast: number of episodes played completely