Monthly community call!

If this call is at the same time as last month (17:00 UTC) I will be at my son’s soccer game and won’t be able to make it. I was hoping to get some more eyes on a recent annoyance since the release of Android 13: [Android 13] Artwork sometimes does not update on notification drawer media player - #6 by terminalmage

I just opened a bug report on Github to track this: Android 13 notification area media player background image is not updating properly · Issue #6063 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

I’m happy to take a look at fixing this if I can be pointed at the right files to check.


I don’t know what could be causing this, only on Android 13. I guess PlaybackService would be the class to start looking at

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Hi @community-callers,

It’s Hacktoberfest - a great time to convene online :slight_smile: Also, Howard has done user research for us (in the context of download & deletion automation), which he kindly offered to present.

However, @ByteHamster said he wouldn’t be able to join, and considering the last point I think it’d be good if he would be there :slight_smile:

I’ll share a doodle the coming days so we can find a better day/time.


Hello @community-callers,

A kind reminder that there will be NO COMMUNITY CALL TODAY. Instead, we’re finding another date, so many people can join the presentation about the user research.

After checking with ByteHamster (maintainer) and Howard (UX research), I’ve identified a couple of dates over a period of a week. The three of us are available on all of these dates in the doodle, and I’d be curious to see who else could join when!

Let’s pick the date latest Wednesday 13th. Hope the poll will get some replies and we’ll be able to see some of you again :slight_smile:

I voted but please weigh less my availability as I am no help on coding. I am interested to know what is planned and about UX but if I can’t come but it’s easier for everyone else don’t hesitate. :smiley:

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@cos @tonytamsf @ueen If you guys still want to cast your vote in the doodle, please do so by tomorrow. In the evening (Brussels time) I’ll pick a date.

I’ve seen a sneak peek of the User Research presentation and I found it really cool. So I want to make sure as many of us have the chance to join and pick up some food for thought. I’m sure it’ll be valuable also outside of AntennaPod :slight_smile:

Hi all, @community-callers,

From the doodle it seems that 16:00 CEST / 07:00 PDT on Saturday 22 October is the best option :slight_smile:

So let’s get together then!

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Hi @community-callers,
I won’t be able to join this community meeting. For those who (might) join: FOSDEM is coming up (4-5 Feb) and with our 10-year anniversary in the pocket, version 3.0 coming up and rebranding getting closer (meaning we can start printing stickers) I was thinking it would be cool to be present! So that might be a nice topic to discuss. Just meet with folks? Maybe even people would be up to be at an AntennaPod stand? (I would, but not alone. And I live in Brussels so I can host people. We can request a stand space until coming Tuesday.)


Not sure about the call myself (depends on the agenda), but I am available to help out for the event and don’t need hosting. I have never been to FOSDEM, so I leave it to you to determine if having a stand would be worthwhile. :slight_smile:

Hello @community-callers,

So, last time the call didn’t happen. This Saturday there would be another one and I’d be keen to join & see some of the other faces as well :slight_smile:

For topics, I would propose:

  • Quick review of the Events section on the site (shameless plugging of own work)
  • Some discussions from the Alpha release of 3.0 (if there are any)
  • Sneak peak of the branding refresh that will come with 3.0
  • Initial multiple queues discussion (?)
  • Quick check on Open Podcast API

But as always: please do suggest other points/PRs/Feature Requests that we can discuss.

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I didn’t dare requesting one without commitment from others, so I didn’t. But I can still host people and we can still organise an AntennaPod get-together. And the good thing is that we’ve got time still.

Quick update from the call: we were with 5 and discussed:


Hi @community-callers,
Let’s meet again this Saturday. Following a vacancy/blog post, @femmdi contacted us and stepped up as translations coordinator! I’m very happy we have him on board. He’ll join us and introduce himself!
We should probably discuss the release of version 3.0 (getting closer!). And of course any other topics/PRs/Feature requests that come up :slight_smile:

Hope to see you!

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Hello @community-callers,

It seems we didn’t announce the February community call :speak_no_evil:. We did meet though!

This Saturday is another chance! We’re super close to releasing 3.0 to the general public, so I’m sure we’ll get to talk about that. I just had a look at some open PRs - maybe we can have a look at the ‘end of episode sleep timer’? Also there’s this interesting conversation on Mastodon about the <itunes:type> tag.

(Mods, please feel free to split this post into a separate discussion if it’s considered off-topic)

Unfortunately my daughter has a dance competition today. She won’t have to perform until after the call is over, but we’ll likely still be driving there when the call starts. I will bring a laptop, in the hope that I can join the call, but if I can’t, one thing I wanted to bring up is a minor bug in 3.0 with multi-select. On the “Episodes” and Subscriptions screens (maybe others?), when you enter multi-select mode WITH filters applied, the message about the items being filtered sticks out below the top bar (see the first image below). On other screens which have a second line of text at the top (for example, the Queue), that second line of text gets hidden in multi-select mode, and the items below shift upward (see the second and third images below).


In summary, today’s Community Call covered (among other topics):

  • AntennaPod 3.0
  • The press release regarding above
  • Usability discussions regarding counters, and technical implications of making changes
  • Consistent use of capitals in settings strings, and challenges with translations
  • Wider conversation about newer android versions breaking features, pragmatic mitigation and possible future architectural changes

Curious on more details than that short bullet list? Welcome to join the next Community Call!


Sorry I couldn’t make it - Saturdays are often tricky, being the only day I can run errands. Thanks to @cos for the short summary.

I will provide some feedback (and a related idea I had in mind for some time) in the dedicated thread.

Was anything decided here? As the reporter (and as the task should be doable for non-coders too) I’d be happy to contribute a PR.

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