Translating images in the app stores (Danish)

I can (probably) help with the Danish translations of the app store images :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great, thanks for offering this! These are the texts that need to be translated:

Subscribe to all of your\nfavorite podcasts
Play smart with\nyour speed of choice
Save time with\nautomatic downloads
Select the theme\nthat fits you best
Customize AntennaPod\nto suit your needs
Discover thousands\nof great podcasts
Enjoy your podcasts. Anywhere. Anytime.

You can send the initial translations (which should be about the same length). Then we can manually generate the images, to see if it fits (each screenshot can have maximum 2 lines of text).

An \n indicates ‘new line’, feel free to use them also in your translations to make sure the text ‘breaks’ in the right place.


My suggestion for the Danish translation:

Abonnér på alle dine\nfavoritpodcasts
Smart afspilning\nmed valgfri hastighed
Spar tid med\nautomatiske overførsler
Vælg det tema\nder passer dig bedst
Tilpas AntennaPod\ntil dine behov
Opdag tusindvis\naf fantastiske podcasts
Nyd dine podcasts. Hvor og når som helst.

I’ve just run the script that makes the images, and I think it looks fine :slight_smile: What do you reckon?

@ByteHamster How did you make the screenshots? If I make them on my phone, they will have different dimensions & Android top bar values (plus I don’t have a tablet to do it on). Would it be feasible to automate this process also?

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I think it looks good :+1:
If the screenshots were also localized with some of the most popular podcasts in Denmark it would make the app even more attractive to Danish users. But I suppose that is not as easy to do?

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I would agree, that’d be really nice. However, for each of the podcasts/episodes in the screenshots we have received permission to use them (given that the images are copyrighted). They have been collected in a sample database that we use for the screenshots. But we could make localised databases!

If you’re up to it, you would need to select a set of (about 8) podcasts and write to their creators asking for permission. If you include AntennaPod’s email info-address in CC we have a track-record of this permission (we have an auto-reply, but you can ignore it).

There are two criteria for the podcasts/episodes:

  • Child-friendly
  • No current politics

Let us know if you’d want to do that. If not, that’s perfectly fine as well (we’ll use the current set).

I will try to think about some candidates for screenshots and whether I think it is possible to get permissions.

Just to clarify, does the criteria you mention only concern the actual podcast covers and episode titles or also the (audio) content of the podcasts?

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I believe (I would say) only the visual aspect. Do you agree @ByteHamster?

Hmm, given that by adding them to the screenshots, we promote those shows, I would prefer to apply the criteria to the content as well. I mean, people got pretty upset by the iTunes recommendations, which we do not curate ourselves. The screenshots are definitely more “risky” there.

Edit: Thinking about it, one of the podcasts on the German screenshots is actually political as well. So that should probably be changed


I made them on my private phone (and modified the app code to only show stock photos on the discovery screen). It would probably be good to automate this, yeah. We currently don’t use Fastlane but Triple-T for metadata management. Can both be used in parallel without conflicts?

I don’t think I’m the right one for the job then. I can’t think of any (popular) Danish podcasts that I can guarantee is entirely child-friendly and apolitical.

Actually finding a podcast whose content is entirely child-friendly would indeed be challenging I think. Even if there were no swearwords used in a given podcast until now (which would require a lot of listening to several podcasts), we can never be sure that there will not be any in the future (and it’s not something we can expect to be tracked).

@ByteHamster, what if we say: images and podcast & episode titles used in the screenshots must be child-friendly and a-political, plus the general podcast topic must be a-political (without expecting a check of each of the past episodes).

To be honest I have no idea - just searched online for automating screenshot-taking and found manuals for Fastlane :sweat_smile: Have no experience whatsoever with the tool, nor knowledge about it. But from what I read so far, if we just use it to create the screenshots, it wouldn’t have to be a problem.

Shall I send out a call on our forum & social media to see if someone might be willing to delve into this (or might have experience with it already)?

Yeah, that’s what I meant with that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately deciding what “a-political” is a very subjective call.

I guess it is possible to find some a-political ones if I look hard enough. But I think the point of using screenshots of Danish podcasts is that it should be popular ones so that people recognize them instantly. If it is a screenshot of a (Danish) podcast with very few listeners I think using the existing (English) screenshots is just as good.

Of course. Like any decision (e.g. for which technology to use) can be political/subjective. But that shouldn’t prevent us from coming to a common-sense conclusion :wink:

I’m wondering if the post popular (Danish) podcasts are really that political. Tbh I think that finding a podcast/episode that wouldn’t have an a-political image would be hard. Same for podcast titles: they’re very often (at least if I look at Dutch popular podcasts) not super-descriptive, let alone political.

@ERYpTION Do you know of a list (e.g. from iTunes; a newspaper; some podcast blog) with popular Danish podcasts? I think it’d be great to have something concrete to look at. Then we can easily see if we agree on what’s suitable or not.

I think the list shown here: The 100 Most Popular Podcasts Right Now – Denmark – Podtail is probably pretty accurate. I think you’re right that if the guidelines is only looking at the cover images and does not concern the actual content of the podcast then most of them would probably pass the test of not being political or child unfriendly.
However, even though I haven’t listened to all of them myself, I know that several of the ones in the top 10 are true crime podcasts. But in the rest of the list there are several that even though they are not meant for children are child friendly.

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So, to get back to this:

  • At one of the community meetings (quite a while ago) we looked at the podcasts and concluded that pretty much all of them are probably fine to use. So we need to
    • Select 8 (Probably trying to make a balance between the big shots & smaller publishers that would be fine with this.)
    • Contact their publishers to ask if we can use them in our communication
      @ERYpTION Would you be able to make a selection & send emails? Happy to help draft the email (in English, obv).
    • Create a custom database with these podcasts (I can do this)
  • The above process takes probably quite some time. I think it’d be good to upload already the images with the localised headings. @ByteHamster would it be possible to give me rights in the play console for this?
  • Once we have the permission & the database with the locally relevant podcasts, we (i.e. ByteHamster) can manually take localised screenshots.
  • In the meantime we should look into automating this process via Fastlane alongside Triple-T (or use Triple-T if it’d support it). @ByteHamster, shall I create a ticket for this for us to remember? Which repo should this be in? Branding or App?

I would suggest the following based on them being fairly popular and (as far as I know) not “controversial” Mainly I have steered clear of the true crime genre which dominates the top 10.

• Genstart 
• Sara & Monopolet
• Det, vi taler om
• r8Dio - Undskyld vi roder
• 24 spørgsmål til professoren
• Vildt Naturligt
• Den yderste grænse
• Vanvittig Verdenshistorie

If you could draft the email and DM it to me I will translate it and start trying to find contact info for the podcasts. As you mention it will probably take quite some time getting a reply back from all of them.

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